Thanks to the decrease in the prices of web hosting and the proliferation of affordable high-speed broadband internet connection, along with an increase in usage of smartphones to access the net, an increasing number of individuals depend on the net to purchase most of their requirements. This is the perfect opportunity to launch your website and promote your goods and services through the internet to access clients from across the world. However, you can rest assured that potential clients searching for services and goods that you offer will not find your website in the SERPs (search engine result pages), unless it is properly optimized for search engines. Never depend on the so called professionals who offer search engine optimization at ridiculously low prices and make hollow promises like boosting the page ranking of your website in a few days.

Adapting to changing rules
The rules of SEO has changed dramatically over the past few years. Previously, one could get achieve the desired results stuffing the index page of their website with relevant keywords, and include thousands of incoming links from blog farms, to push its rankings in a couple of hours. Attempting that today will lead to Google removing your online store from its index. You will have to correct the errors on your website and resubmit it to Google for indexing. If this is not enough, Google has introduced many new algorithms that determine the rankings of a website. Here are some of the changes that a professional SEO company implements on a website:

• Checking the link structure of a website from its index page to the other pages and making alterations as and where required. This allows the spider of Google to index the entire website thoroughly.

• Uploading fresh and related content on a regular basis as Google gives a higher score to such websites.

• Including an `Alt’ tag with all images also boosts the SERP of a site as well as allows the visitor to understand which pages the link is associated with in case their browser is unable to load images.

• Small and concise explainer videos related to the services and products offered by a site is the latest trend and provides a tremendous boost to the rankings of that site. The best way is to upload the video to YouTube and include a link to the same on the website.

• Keeping the index page free of too many graphics is important as it provides an opportunity for people having a slow speed internet connection to view your site. Remember, nobody, waits for more than a few seconds for the page to load. If it does not, they move on to a different site.

• Including keywords and phrases similar to those related to products offered by the site. For example, if the site offers boots, the SEO specialist will also include related keywords like shoes, footwear, etc.

• Using long tailed keywords also plays a huge role as one can use it to describe the products in a detailed manner. People searching for terms like `boots for kids’ or `shoes for executives’ will see results of websites having those terms in their key phrases in the first page of the search results instead of sites that only contain `boot.’

• Including the name of the city where the business is based in on the key phrases boosts local traffic tremendously. In such a scenario, tweaking one of the above keywords to `boots for kids in New York’ helps the website get more local traffic.

Select a professional SEO agency
The above-mentioned points are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are many other factors to help boost the ranking of a website. Apart from this, Google keeps on adding new algorithms and changing existing ones on a regular basis. A professional search engine optimization agency like Greg Morrison SEO keep themselves updated about these changes and incorporate it on their client’s website to ensure that it does not suffer due to changes in algorithms and stays at the top of the search results. Remember, your website will never show up in the search results, even if you promote exclusive products as long as you do not get it optimized properly.

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